Troubleshooting of automobile bearing
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Using the sound characteristics of automobile bearings, only in this way can we accurately judge whether there are abnormalities. When the rolling automobile bearings are working, under normal circumstances, they operate smoothly, briskly, without stagnation, the sound is harmonious without noise, and you can hear uniform and continuous "crash" sound or low "roar". The noise intensity is not high. Now that we know the sound emitted by fag bearing under normal conditions, we can judge the causes of abnormal conditions according to these standards:

First, when the automobile bearing is heard to emit a uniform and continuous "hissing", this sound is generated by the rotation of the rolling body in the inner and outer figure, including the irregular metal vibration sound independent of the speed. Generally, the amount of grease added in the bearing is insufficient and should be supplemented. If the equipment is shut down for a long time, especially under the low temperature in winter, the automobile bearing sometimes makes a "hissing" sound during operation, which is related to the smaller radial clearance of automobile bearing and the smaller penetration of lubricating grease. The clearance of automobile bearing shall be properly adjusted and new grease with greater penetration shall be replaced.

Second, when it is found that the automobile bearing emits a uniform periodic "Ho Lo" in the continuous "Hua Hua" sound, this sound is caused by the scars, grooves and corrosion spots on the rolling element and the inner and outer ring raceways. The period of sound is directly proportional to the speed of fag bearing. Automobile bearings shall be replaced.

Third, when an automobile bearing sends out a discontinuous "stem", this sound is caused by the rupture of the cage or inner and outer rings. The vehicle must be stopped immediately to replace the bearings.

Fourth, when it is found that the automobile bearing sends out irregular and uneven "chucking", this sound is caused by impurities such as iron filings and sand particles falling into the automobile bearing. The sound intensity is small and has no relationship with the number of revolutions. Fag bearings shall be cleaned, re greased or changed.

Fifth, see the continuous and irregular "rustle" of the automobile bearing during work. This sound is generally related to the loose fit between the inner ring and the shaft or the loose fit between the outer ring and the bearing hole. When the sound intensity is high, the matching relationship of fag bearing shall be checked, and the problems found shall be repaired in time.

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