How to keep the filter clean for turbocharged engine use
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With more and more T-shaped cars on the market, turbocharging is becoming more and more familiar to car owners. In front of this powerful engine, there are still many car owners muttering, and Mr. Li is one of them. How to choose between turbo engine and naturally aspirated engine?

The power can be increased by more than 40%

Compared with natural intake engine, turbocharging has obvious advantages in power. The maximum power output with the same displacement can be more than 40%. "The biggest advantage of turbocharging is that it can greatly improve the power and torque of the engine without increasing the engine displacement. After an engine is equipped with a turbocharger, the maximum power output can be increased by about 40% or more compared with that without a turbocharger." master Mo also acknowledged the benefits of turbocharging, The turbine increases the daily use and maintenance of the engine, which will be more troublesome. "Compared with naturally aspirated engines, turbocharged engines have more stringent requirements for working environment and maintenance."

Maintenance is not troublesome

Although the turbocharged engine will be a little delicate, it is very obedient as long as it is properly maintained and used. Master Mo said that usually just pay a little attention and it's not troublesome. "First, try to choose the manufacturer's designated or high-grade synthetic oil during maintenance; then, the engine oil filter and air filter must be kept clean." in addition, Mo Douwen also said that the filter should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

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