Comparison of automobile parts and fuel tank materials
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Comparison of fuel tank materials of automobile parts:

In the selection of fuel tank materials, there are obvious differences between the two vehicles. Lang uses plastic fuel tank and Kia K3 uses metal fuel tank. From the perspective of safety, the toughness and strength of plastic fuel tank are usually better than metal fuel tank. Wenzhou automobile is equipped with plastic fuel tank, and it is not as easy to produce sparks as metal fuel tank in case of collision, friction or extrusion, so it is safer as a carrier of fuel. In addition, plastic fuel tanks are lighter and more plastic than metal fuel tanks. As for the cost, the production process and equipment of the two are completely different. Under the condition of mass production, the gap between the oil tanks of the two materials will not be very large.

When the plastic oil tank was just launched, it was easy to age and had the problem of oil leakage, so it was not widely used. However, with the development of material science and technology, the plastic fuel tanks produced now have polymer oil resistant layers, and the original problems of oil leakage and aging have been comprehensively improved. Therefore, at present, more and more manufacturers begin to use plastic fuel tanks on cars.

In fact, most of Beijing Hyundai's models are "loyal fans" of metal fuel tanks. From old Elantra to old Sonata, Yuxiang and Lingxiang to today's Sonata 8, they all use metal fuel tanks. Now, Langdong has finally abandoned this tradition and used a "more fashionable" plastic fuel tank, which can be described as a great progress.

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