China will become the world's largest driverless car market in ten years
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Reference News Network reported on June 10 that western media said that the U.S. IHS automotive information consulting company issued a report on June 7 that the global sales of driverless vehicles will reach 21 million by 2035, significantly higher than the estimated value two years ago.

According to the report of EFE news agency on June 7, the report believes that the reason for the bright prospect of driverless vehicle market is that while automobile manufacturers increase their R & D efforts, the relevant laws implemented by various countries are also developing in a favorable direction.

It is reported that only two years ago, IHS automotive information consulting company estimated the sales of driverless vehicles by 2035 at 11.8 million.

The report said that by 2020, the United States may become the first country to allow driverless cars on the road, and thousands of driverless cars will appear on the roads of the United States in that year. By 2035, the sales volume will increase to 4.5 million.

However, China will become the largest driverless car market. The report predicts that China will have more than 5.7 million driverless cars by 2035.

By 2035, the sales volume in Europe will reach 4.2 million, while the sales volume in Africa and the Middle East will also reach 1 million. Meanwhile, 1.2 million driverless cars will be sold in Japan and South Korea.

IHS automotive information consulting company said that the global sales of driverless vehicles will reach 600000 in 2025, and the sales will continue to grow at an annual rate of 43% in the next 10 years.

The company believes that 2025-2035 will be a decade of rapid growth in sales of driverless vehicles, because such vehicles will be accepted by all key markets around the world. In the future, driverless cars will provide convenient services and create a lot of new opportunities for the automotive industry.

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